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    Post  Queepo on Mon Mar 07, 2011 8:24 am

    Ventrilo Server Ventphoto
    Ventrilo is a nice little program that allows people to get into groups and talk. Right now it's an 8 slot server and is 100% free. I am running it off the same server as the new minecraft server and should not add to any lag, as it only noticeably uses bandwidth with a lot of people. You need to download the client to use it, if your not sure download it here and help installing is here

    Once its installed the ip is the same as the server, and the port is the default one of 3784 there is no password.

    There are a few rooms so you dont have to be talking to people you don't want to. I would highly recommend downloading and using this even if you dont have a mic or dont want to use it as I will be in there whenever Im at my computer even if i'm not in minecraft.

    In other news lol! flower elephant study afro scratch king cherry cherry Basketball farao albino cheers

    Good bye.

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