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    Post  Queepo on Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:19 pm

    Here is a list of commands.
    More to come soon, post below to add suggestions.

    /shop - Gives an overview of the shop and its commands
    /shop buy (item/ID):(amount) - Buys (item) or (ID of item) (IDs can be found here for (amount). You may leave out (amount) if you wish to only buy one item. Remember, the : must be between (item) and (amount)!
    /shop sell (item/ID):(amount) - Sells to the global shop (amount) of (item) in your inventory.

    /msg (name)
    /tpa (name)
    /lwc - Lock chests, its hard to learn but works.
    /me (message) - For RP fun!...
    /pe open (your griefing report here)
    /kit (tools | sapling | torches) - Get a kit.
    /transfer (name) hand - Sends the item in your hand to another person. *cough* made by Queepo *cough*
    /disarm - Say this and right click TNT to delete it. *cough* made by Queepo *cough*

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