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    iConomy Chest Shops



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    iConomy Chest Shops

    Post  Nbord on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:59 am

    (This is really just an announcement / heads-up)

    We now have the ability, as players, to make iConomy Chest Shops. This allows you to set up automated chest/sign shops.

    This is the basic setup:

    This works, as shown, with either single or double chests. The sign placement must be exactly as shown. (Note that this does not work)

    <Player Name>
    B <price> : S <price>
    <Item name or ID>

    The first line should just include your in-game name (or anything you want, really...you can put anything in the first line).
    The second line, Quantity, is the amount (or quantity, durr) of items you'd like to sell at a time.
    The next line is a bit tricky. It should read "B <p> : S <p>" where <p> is an amount of money. The "B <p>" <p> value should be the amount you want the customers at your shop to buy the specified quantity (as shown in the line above) for whatever price. Next, don't forget the {:}! The "S <p>" <p> value should be the amoount of money you want your customers to buy your set quantity of amount at.
    The last line should just list the name or ID of the block or item you're selling. A full list of data values can be found here.) Or, in-game, you can use "/iteminfo <item>" for the block ID of an item. (Example: /iteminfo Dirt)

    Remember to set your selling price less than your buying price, else someone could buy things from your shop and sell them back to your shop for immediate profit.

    Picture examples:

    These two shops do the same thing - they sell 32 dirt (ID 3) at 64 and buy 32 dirt for 32.

    The official iConomy Chest Shop Bukkit thread can be found here. I recommend you read it if this was confusing or I missed something.

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    Re: iConomy Chest Shops

    Post  Queepo on Mon Jun 20, 2011 12:12 pm


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    Re: iConomy Chest Shops

    Post  FatalxMistake on Tue Jun 21, 2011 8:08 am

    just fyi when setting buy/sell prices you dont have to put in B and S. If you just put in a buy number, then the : then a sell number, the plugin automagiclly adds in the B and the S
    EXAMPLE: 5:3
    that will end up with the sign reading "B 5:3 S
    other than that good work

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    Re: iConomy Chest Shops

    Post  Tariss on Tue Jun 21, 2011 9:23 am

    Thanks for the guide. I'd be flailing uselessly at the keyboard without this XD

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    Re: iConomy Chest Shops

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