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    Buying "Bonus" Plots



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    Buying "Bonus" Plots

    Post  Nbord on Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:27 am

    (Yes, I went as far as making a thread.)

    We mayors need a way to buy extra Towny blocks / plots.

    Towns have a set maximum number of Towny blocks they can claim. The number they can claim is based on the number of residents in their town. (Currently, I think the formula for that is {[Residents] x [16] = [MaxBlocks]} - formula base taken from http://bit.ly/moIdvr)

    This is severely limiting for both towns of large sizes (who want more land for residents who want to sell "premium" plots) and those not so big (such as me >_>).

    I suggest we (Queepo, mainly) figure out a way to allow mayors to buy extra Towny blocks. This, of course, must be fairly, though, so it would require a little thought and balancing.

    Remember that, in addition to just the cost of buying the bonus Towny block, a mayor must pay the cost off claiming the block (500 coins) as well, so making the Towny blocks cost double would mean making them 500 to buy (which, when added to the 500 already needed to claim it) would make 1000, or double the price of a normal block.

    As for where the money goes...iConomy is your friend. With (gotten from here) "/money create <name>" an admin can create a new iConomy "player" account, to which mayors could send their money for buying the bonus blocks. Of course, an admin would have to approve the sale (and regularly clean out that account, as to keep it off the leaderboards...and this could be a bit of a pain) and regulate the process.

    As for prices, I suggest making the price of each block at lest 2x as much as it is now. That would mean each block could be purchased for 500 (and, as I explained earlier, the additional claiming cost would bring the total cost to the town/mayor up to 1000, which is twice the cost of a normal block). To prevent towns from having tons of blocks, perhaps a better multiplier would be 2.5 (math for price/block at 2.5x) or even more, such as 4x. (price/block = 2000 at 4x default price).

    I brought the issue up to Queepo (and many times at that >_>) and he's said he's working on it.

    I'd just like to hear the (mayor) community's thoughts on this - what should the prices be, should this be allowed, what should be the limit, etc.)


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    Re: Buying "Bonus" Plots

    Post  DirtyStarfish on Mon Jun 20, 2011 8:51 am

    I think this should be allowed.
    When you add walls, paths, and other features to a town, other than players houses, the amount of space can be quite limited, if trying to avoid making the town looking to close an squashed together. This would give a solution to the problem of mayors wanting to sell larger plots of land.

    I don't know about actual prices, but, I think the more bonus plots that are bought, the more expensive they should become. This means that most towns will be able to afford a few, and then the towns that have residents that regularly deposit money to the town bank, will be able to afford more.

    As for a limit on the amount a town could buy, if the price of a bonus plot increases as more are purchased, eventually each town would hit their own limit, as they wouldn't be able to afford any more until they gained more money. However, people such as Nbord have loads of money, so maybe there should be a limit...

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