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    Post  Queepo on Thu Jan 13, 2011 11:38 am

    ---------------------------------------------------No Griefing, Modding or Hacking. ----------------------------------------------
    Griefing involves any destruction of other peoples property and will result in an instant ban.
    Modding or Hacking means modifying game files to give you an advantage over other players and will also result in an instant ban without warning.

    --------------------------------------------------------General Rules------------------------------------------------------------
    Don't be offensive. Anyone saying offensive things over chat will be given a warning however any offensive signs will result in a ban.
    Racist comments or skins will always result in an instant ban.

    Don't ask for promotions. They will be given (Rarely) when deserved.

    ----------------------------------------------------------Building Rules--------------------------------------------------------------
    Building rights belong to everyone, simply move out of spawn and stay within bedrock line in the sky which represents donor land.

    Any offensive creations will be torn down and may result in kick / ban depending on severity.

    Dont build 1x1 towers into the sky and don't dig 1x1 holes into the ground, EVER, find natural caves or dig stairs.

    Don't make ugly things. This includes mud huts etc. Keep the world looking nice.

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